Pipe Major Emmett Atkins

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Pipe Mjr. Emmette Atkins, is a former member of the Montana Highlanders Pipe Band in Northwest Montana. Having first heard the Great Highland Bagpipes in person at the age of 12, he decided his life would not be complete without learning how to play this enchantingly strange instrument. Early in his piping career he won solo piping awards at the Spokane, WA highland games, and the Missoula, MT highland games as well. Through all of the various paths of his life his pipes have remained faithfully by his side.

Pipe Sgt. Charlie Anderson

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“Charlie” Anderson has had a love of the pipes and Celtic culture for more than 35 years. No matter where he wandered , if there was not a pipe band when he arrived, there was one when he left. He has been involved in bands from Hawaii & Alaska to Florida. Prior to moving to Idaho Falls, ID in 2007 he was Pipe Major of the Fort Vancouver Pipe Band which has been designated as the official band of the City of Vancouver, WA

Pipe Sgt. Cory Nichol

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Vice Pres. & Pipe Sgt. Corrie Nichol, is a former member of the Nittany Highlanders Pipe Band in Pennsylvania. In his other life he holds a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering and is engaged in the work of the Idaho National Research Laboratories. Being the son of an accomplished piper, he plays for the joy of the music and sounds of the Highland pipes and drums. He has won many awards competing in the annual Western U.S. Pipe Band Association Scottish Highland Games.

Pipe Cpl. Andy Harper

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Pipe Cpl. Andy Harper spent two years in Scotland and during that period he developed a solid familiarity with the traditional music and poetry of the Isles. On his return he has had two years to develop his own skill in the playing of the Great Highland Bagpipes. He has shown a great sentimental feeling for the music’s character and expresses it in his advanced interest and choices of music he seeks to learn. Practicing long and often, he has demonstrated a quick ability to play a well tuned instrument, to the pleasure of all within hearing.

Pipe Lance Cpl. Jake Anderson

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Lance Cpl. Jacob Anderson is a true connoisseur of Celtic musical traditions and an accomplished player of the flute, the Irish penny whistle and several other ancient traditional instruments. In his other life he is a student of biology, aspiring to a career as a Marine Biologist. He is now a rapidly progressing student of the Great Highland Bagpipes and has shown exceptional taste in his appreciation of those Celtic traditions.

Piper Katie Bell

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Katie’s love of the great highland bagpipes began when she was but a wee lassie. Her father was a piper with the Seaforth Highlanders in Scotland so having a love of the pipes is in her blood. It was only a few years ago that she decided to take up the pipes herself and is now proud to be able to play along with her father when she visits.

Piper Les Parsons

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Les Parsons, CDR, USN Ret., has traveled around the globe as a submariner.  He has a deep appreciation for the many other cultures he has encountered in his Naval career as well as the military traditions and music of the Great Highland Bagpipes. He is deeply  appreciative of the stimulating and sometimes haunting character of Celtic music. As a founding member of the Eagle Rock Pipe Band he has worked vigorously in his efforts to support the band’s goals on behalf of the returning wounded warriors of today.

Piper Myron Walz

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Myron Walz had already been a pianist and performing musician for 26 years before he started learning to play the bagpipes in 2004. He has since become a proficient piper and has won several awards in competition including champion of the Great Basin Branch (Utah, Idaho, western Wyoming and western Colorado) of the Western United States Pipe Band Association in 2009 (grade 4),2011 (grade 3) and tied for the grade 2 championship in 2012. Myron loves music and enjoys teaching it as well.

Piper John Gardner

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Piper Kim Sorensen

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